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What's been going on recently?

As ever I'm super busy working on a bunch of different projects at the same time....some of them well known, some of them top secret.

Here a little snifter of what's been happening....

Ryse: Son of Rome footage released at E3

Crytek released the official trailer for the long awaited Ryse: Son of Rome at E3 this year.


Along side that I can also officially confirm that I am one of the Motion Capture Stunt performers bringing the vivid and violent world of Ryse to life!


Crytek have also confirmed that Ryse: Son of Rome will be one of the first Xbox One games!


Watch the Ryse: Son of Rome E3 Trailer


Total War:  Shogun 2  comes a close second at the Golden Joystick Awards, 2012

So, last night was the Golden Joystick award and Shogun 2 was nominated for Best Strategy Game, as voted for by gamers and fans alike.  Unfortunately they were just pipped at the post and beaten into second place.

Better luck next year guys!

Total War: Rome 2 presented at the 2012 Euro Gamer Expo 

The Creative Assembly have spent the past few days at the 2012 Euro Gamer Expo.   Whilst they were there they delivered a developer presentation, showing some of the thinking behind Rome 2.....and wouldn't you know it?  Some of the Mo Cap fights & choreography from our last shoot made it into the presentation.

Check it out, we're @  16 minutes !

Watch ​The Creative Assembly Developer presentation on Rome 2, at the 2012 Euro Gamer Expo


Preview of Total War: Rome 2, the Siege of Carthage


Time to go to war!!  Those marvelous chaps over at The Creative Assembly have just released some footage, from Rome 2, of the Siege of's 149 BC and the Roman's are giving the  Carthagians a bit of a kicking because, would you believe it, they refused to hand over their city, riches and arms on demand.

Oh, yes, are the vast majority of the sword fights were choreographed  and performed by me and my team in the Mo Cap studio.

It's all pre-alpha there's a lot more polish and excitement to come!

Watch the Siege of Carthage


First view of Total War: Rome 2


Time for a sneak peak of the hotly anticipated Total War: Rome 2​!  Once again some of the Mo Cap fight choreography and performances from my last shoot have been used.

Take a look at the first Total War: Rome 2 footage


Top Secret project,  filmed with Side at The Imaginarium

Fraid there's not a lot I can say about this one, as it's covered by a top-secret-mums-the-word contract. However, I can reveal that I've been working on a hotly anticipated, AAA, 2013 release!  

This project saw me join the stunt team working on all of the Mo Cap fights and action sequences for the game.  As you can imagine this  shoot will see me fighting, falling and dying!


Top Secret project,  working with Sony

Time to go undercover and work on a top secret, can't tell you anything project.  All I can say on this one is that it's for a AAA game currently underdevelopment by Sony.  Once again my team and I are fighting, falling and doing a big pile of fight choreography....all shot in Sony's own Motion Capture studio.


London 2012 Olympics Opening & Closing ceremony

How lucky am I?  Not only am I performing in the biggest show of the year: The London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, but am also performing in the Olympic Closing Ceremony as well!!

Only 6bn people will be pressure then!


Its official,  I'm working on Total War: Rome 2!!

Oh yeah!!  Check it out!  

I can now reveal that I'm working on the hottest strategy game of 2013.....Total War: Rome 2!!   As you can imagine I'm working on all the Mo Cap fight performance & choreography!