Chris Wolff

      Fight & Action Performer

        Fight Choreographer

Sword Fights, Fist Fights & Gun Fights

Actor Safety & Training

Film, Motion Capture, Video Games & Theatre

Chris Wolff has been working as a fight & action performer for over 10 years.  During this time he has developed and performed in over 500 fights and created a multitude of action scenes.


Chris has been in sword fights, fist fights and bar fights.  He has been shot off balconies, blown up, set on fire and knocked off horses. He's been killed, beaten up, smashed with an iron bar and even met Batman.

Chris can also be seen in:

  • Avengement

  • Once Upon a Time in London

  • Total War: Battles

  • Quantum Break

  • Atilla: Total War

  • Killzone: ShadowFall

  • Rome 2: Total War

  • Ryse: Son of Rome

...and many more


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